Bagel Burger Recipe

I adore the Big Apple. I've combined traditional flavors with a real, freshly ground sirloin burger because I ADORE a nice bagel sandwich. Heaven! Ingredients 1 tsp Wholegrain mustard1 Sprig…

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Mini Flans Recipe

A delectable, cold, creamy custard from Mexican. Very simple to prepare and excellent! ingredients 7 Egg Yolks2 cup Sugar1/2 cup Milk2 tsp Vanilla1 Can Condensed Milk1 Can Evaporated MilkBoiling Water…

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Martabak Manis Pancake Recipes

In Indonesia, this sweet dessert is particularly well-liked. Everyone enjoys Martabak Manis, a very thick "pancake" with the usual fillings of Cheese and condensed milk, crushed peanuts, sesame seeds, and…

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Home Made Calzone Recipe

The most legendary calzone. Pick your favorite filling to add to the lovely pizza dough that comes with this recipe. The one in question is vegetarian! We decided to have…

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Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe

This Italian classic is a favourite of all. It is affordable, simple, and delicious. Our version features milk as a secret ingredient and is loaded with vegetables. It is very…

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Home Made Crumpets Recipe

Watching the bubbles emerge while they cook means you've nailed these classic British crumpets, which are surprisingly easy to make. IngredientsJam 350 g fresh strawberries50 ml water275 g jam sugar…

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Sushi Burrito Recipe

Burritos are stuffed full of stuffing, making them hefty and dense, while sushi is lovely, delicate morsels. Each is incredibly rewarding in and of itself, but now we combine the…

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