Bagel Burger Recipe

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Home Made Bagel Burger Recipe

I adore the Big Apple. I’ve combined traditional flavors with a real, freshly ground sirloin burger because I ADORE a nice bagel sandwich. Heaven!


1 tsp Wholegrain mustard
1 Sprig Dill
50 g Beef dripping
2 Bagels
1 Lemon
1 large Gherkin
1 pinch Cracked black pepper
2 leaves Baby Gem lettuce
1 egg yolk
350 g Rib-eye steak
100 g pastrami / salt beef
100 ml Almond oil
1 Beef tomato
1 Red onion
1 ball Mozzarella
1 pinch Flaked sea salt

Step 1

For 1-2 hours, virtually completely freeze the beef dripping and ribeye steaks in the freezer. The steaks and beef dripping should be diced before being added to a food processor. Once minced, but not pasty, blitz. Place in the refrigerator after shaping into thin patties.

Home Made Bagel Burger Recipe

Step 2

When the mixture is slightly thicker than mayo consistency, whisk in the almond oil while slowly drizzling the egg yolk and mustard mixture together (you might not need all of the oil). Add some lemon juice, some salt, and pepper to taste. Next, slice up some dill and add that as well. Last but not least, mix it.

Home Made Bagel Burger Recipe

Step 3

Very thinly slice the tomato, mozzarella, reunion, and gherkin. To make the lettuce the same size as the bagels, trim it.

Home Made Bagel Burger Recipe

Step 4

Grab a griddle or frying pan and heat it up to a high temperature. In the meantime, season the burgers with salt, pepper, and oil. For medium-well doneness, cook the burgers for 2 minutes on each side. Next, add the mozzarella and cover it with a frying pan for 1–2 minutes to melt the cheese. After draining the extra fat, remove the hamburgers from the pan. Cut the bagels in half, then place one half on the griddle after the other. 2 minutes should be spent grilling each side until marked and crisp.

Home Made Bagel Burger Recipe

Step 5

Before spreading the mayo over the top and bottom half of the bagels, let them cool down a little. Create your stack by placing lettuce, onion, burger, tomato, pastrami, gherkins, and then the top bagel half on the bottom half of the bagel. Triple-cooked fries should be served with the dish. 2 servings.

Home Made Bagel Burger Recipe
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